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Donation made in honor of Helen McIntosh

Posted 11 months ago by Norma Line

Donation made by Healing Touch St. Louis in honor of Helen McIntosh


At our meeting on Thursday, January 12, the HTSL Board of Directors voted on a donation in honor of Helen McIntosh.       She was a beloved member of our community, working for Healing Touch as well as the community of St. Louis and its people.

There were many comments made about Helen and her caring, quiet presence as she spread the work that we love.       Her obituary also shared the many areas in which she was involved during her life, all to improve the lives of people.

As we reached out for donation ideas, several commented on Helen’s devotion and work at St. Patrick’s Center.  Accordingly, we decided to make the donation to this center.   

One of the beautiful comments from our community helped us to reach this decision:

“Helen cared deeply for the St. Louis people, those who truly needed her assistance. I think the Memorial from HTSL in Helens name should help those people who are homeless & live here in the St. Louis area.”

We have further asked the Bopp Chapel staff to let us know of the date for Helen’s memorial service. An announcement will be sent when any of us find out this information.

Thanks to all as you shared your love of working with Helen.     She has graced us with her quiet presence.


On behalf of the HTSL Board of Directors,

Norma Line, Membership Chair